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DIY Household Cleaners

Jean Pericone - Monday, February 28, 2022

Save money and create your own do it yourself household cleaners that really work!

Scented All-Purpose Cleaner 

One part white vinegar 

One part water 

Lemon rind Rosemary sprigs

Combine the above ingredients together, pour into a spray bottle, shake, and then let infuse for a week before using.

Kitchen Cleaner and Deodorizer 

4 tablespoons baking soda 

1 quart warm water  

To clean kitchen counters, appliances, and the inside of your refrigerator, all you need is baking soda for this homemade kitchen cleaner.

Glass Cleaner 

2 cups water 

½ cup white or cider vinegar 

¼ cup rubbing alcohol 70% concentration 

1 to 2 drops of orange essential oil 

This homemade cleaner will leave your windows and mirrors sparkling. Simply combine these ingredients and pour them in a spray bottle to make a homemade cleaner with ingredients you already have on hand.

Heavy-Duty Scrub 

½ lemon 

½ cup borax powder 

Rust stains on porcelain or enamel sinks and tubs are no match for this heavy-duty homemade cleaner. Dip the lemon into the borax and scrub the surface, then rinse.

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